Oliver Weber
Documentary Photographer

El Espíritu Flamenco

Flamenco is an art that someone is born with.

There are a wide number of adjectives to describe the Art of Flamenco: vibrant, agile, spontaneous, exciting, intense, dramatic.

The series is dedicated to my Dad († September 22, 2017).

The frenetic rhythm and the vibrations of the dance steps, the passion reflected in the faces of the dancers and singers. The heartbreaking music that feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. I could describe it in a thousand different ways, the expressions of those who dance it. Expressions of passion, joy and pain. Flamenco is an art that someone is born with. These artists live and breathe flamenco. It is constantly in their lives. Flamenco is a genre that has its own personality, there are many people who admire this way of seeing the world and to fall in love through singing, dancing and music, including clothing, to any spectator. Many artists stand out in this way of life and art. Many are born with this gift.

With my photo-documentation “El Espíritu Flamenco” I want to make a very special mention to the flamenco soul of Ana González, a great representative of this genre. Both as an artist and as a teacher.It was truly an honor to photograph Ana backstage her show at La Peña Flamenca “La Perla de Cádiz” in Cádiz. Probably one of the best places to see an authentic flamenco show.