Oliver Weber
Documentary Photographer

Around Flamenco

Myths, Legends and Folklore - Andalucia has many stories to tell.

Every country has its fair share of folktales and legends with Spain certainly not being the exception. Andalucía in particular, which has a rich history, has some mysterious, spooky and scary stories – like El Espíritu Flamenco.

Sandwiched between the popular Algarve (in Portugal) and the Spanish Costa de Sol, the Costa de la Luz is little appreciated by foreign tourists. Drive here in summer, though, and you’ll find the roads busy with Spanish holidaymakers, their cars packed with bedding and supplies for their annual decamp to the coast.

However – and here’s the secret – make the trip in September and you’ll find warm weather and just a handful of summer stragglers to share beach space with. And lovely people around you.