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Morocco XI

Link: Full Story – Morocco 2022

The Kiss │ Around Flamenco

Every country has its fair share of folktales and legends with Spain certainly not being the exception. Andalucía in particular, which has a rich history, has some mysterious, spooky and scary stories – like El Espíritu Flamenco. MYTHS, LEGENDS AND FOLKLORE – ANDALUCIA HAS MANY STORIES TO TELL. Link: Full Story – Around Flamenco.

Morocco X

Link: Full Story – Morocco 2022

Morocco IX

Link: Full Story – Morocco 2022

Morocco VIII

Morocco VII

Morocco VI

Morocco V

The Feed of Morocco (2)

You are (not) alone I

Jameos del Agua – Lanzarote The Jameos del Agua are located on the bottom of the La Corona Mountain Volcano (its last eruption was 3000 years ago) on the island of Lanzarote and are considered as one of the most interesting creeks and tube systems on the world. This was formed due to the rain falling from the top of the tunnel, whether from the fact

Havana VII

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