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Morocco XI

Link: Full Story – Morocco 2022

Morocco X

Link: Full Story – Morocco 2022

Morocco IX

Link: Full Story – Morocco 2022

KOD Culture Magazine

Kiosk of Democracy Magazine published the series “Morocco 2022”. The Kiosk of Democracy Magazine is an on-line Platform & Collection featuring International Artists: Art, Documentation, Photography, Text, Drawings and Film with intense content and with an ethical as well as aesthetical position. Established was the Kiosk of Democracy in January 2012 by Sascha Windolph (Germany).

Morocco VIII

Morocco VII

Morocco VI

Morocco V

The Feed of Morocco (2)

Morocco IV

The Feet of Morocco (1)

Morocco III

The Hands of Morocco

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Oliver (born September 7, 1970 in Munich, Germany) is a German Photographer, Physician and Professor of Visual Arts. Currently he lives and works on the Canary Island of La Gomera. His specialty areas are Reportage, Portrait and what has come to be recognized as Street – Photography.