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Documentary Photographer

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Kiosk of Democracy Magazine published the series “Viernes Santo”. The Kiosk of Democracy Magazine is an on-line Platform & Collection featuring International Artists: Art, Documentation, Photography, Text, Drawings and Film with intense content and with an ethical as well as aesthetical position. Established was the Kiosk of Democracy in January 2012 by Sascha Windolph (Germany).

Social Life at Beach │ Gran Canaria

Link: Full Story – Social Life at Beach.

Around Flamenco


La Gomera │ Garajonay

Thanks to its geographic location and subtropical climate, the center of La Gomera island preserves an extraordinary jungle site, featuring an abundance of protected species. The forest at Garajonay National Park presents visitors with an image of the earth as it was 60 million years ago.

La Gomera │ El Cedro

Around Flamenco │ The Kiss

Link: Full Story – Around Flamenco.

Legally Invisible in Black and White │Selection

Roma throughout the Balkan Region are some of the most vulnerable people (…).  Link: Full Story – Legally Invisible.

Lockdown Germany II

A front yard somewhere in Germany.

Around Flamenco

Every country has its fair share of folktales and legends with Spain certainly not being the exception. Andalucía in particular, which has a rich history, has some mysterious, spooky and scary stories – like El Espíritu Flamenco. Sandwiched between the popular Algarve (in Portugal) and the Spanish Costa de Sol, the Costa de la Luz is little appreciated by foreign tourists. Drive here in

COVID-19 │ The Octopus

Eventually – years or even decades in the future – COVID-19 could transition into a mild childhood illness, like the four endemic human coronaviruses that contribute to the common cold. But this transition won’t happen overnight. Experts say that SARS-CoV-2’s exact post -pandemic trajectory will depend on three major factors: how long humans retain immunity to the virus, how quickly the virus evolves, and

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Oliver (born September 7, 1970 in Munich, Germany) is a German Photographer, Physician and Professor of Visual Arts. Currently he lives and works on the Canary Island of La Gomera. His specialty areas are Reportage, Portrait and what has come to be recognized as Street – Photography.