Oliver Weber
Documentary Photographer

Easy Galleries with #half

With Bild, you can easily create galleries that alternate between one- and two-image rows. No third-party plugins or shortcodes needed. Just use the obvious ‘Bild Gallery’ Gutenberg block.

Images you add to these galleries are not cropped, they always keep their aspect ratios. Also, they always fit the height of the screen and thus can be seen fully (very handy for portrait-oriented images).

Add #half tags to two neighboring images’ captions and they will stand in one row (see below). The #half tag is not displayed to your website visitors.

Legacy Galleries

Together with the galleries like the one above, this theme enables you to create galleries in the style that was introduced in the older versions of Bild. You can switch between modern and legacy modes for any given gallery just like that:

Placeholder image caption

The difference between the gallery modes:

Modern galleries: Thumbnails keep their aspect ratio and have space around, they always fit the height of the screen. The captions are displayed on the page (not only in the lightbox). This type is recommended. See example above.

Legacy galleries: The way it used to be in older versions: thumbnails are cropped and stacked much tighter. They are automatically organized into rows of 1 or 2 images, or can be manually organized with the #half tag. See example below.

If you wish to insert images that you’ve uploaded while using a pre-Gutenberg version of Bild, to the new ‘Bild Gallery’ Gutenberg block, it’s recommended to first regenerate those images (‘regenerate thumbnails’), as the thumbnail sizes have been adjusted.