Viernes Santo – on the road for Polaris Images Agency (NY)

Spain is especially renowned for its Holy Week (Semana Santa) traditions. The Holy Week is the week before Easter and describes the conmemory of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Spain there are many religious celebrations which are very famous and a must for every tourist who is in Spain during this dates. The most popular element are the processions, which are celebrated in many different parts of Spain.

The celebration of the Holy Week in the historical and University City in Tenerife, La Laguna, is especially famous in the Canary Islands. During this week the tourists have the opportunity to experience the religious traditions, watching one of the processions, which are of great historical and artistical value. The processions consist of a lot of imagination and typical jewellery of the last five centuries of the Canary Islands is also part. The most important days are Easter Thursday and Friday (Viernes Santo).

It's a pleasure for me to be invited to do a documentation of this event for Polaris Images | NY.