LensCulture Review: Legally Invisible

LensCulture Review (Oliver Weber / Polaris)

This series of photographs by Oliver Weber are a little window into the "Roma Settlements around the Balkan Region" and make us feel their nature and reality. (...) The theme of the Roma in the Balkans is very interesting, and a story to be told. Oliver's sense of light and color are dynamic, his empathy with people palpable, he should continue his observations so that he may share them in a really outstanding portfolio and perhaps a book - LensCulture.



Urbanautica Magazine: 3 Features

(c) Oliver Weber / Polaris

The prestigious Photo Magazine Urbanautica published a part of my work: Viernes Santo, The Balkans and Legally Invisible.

Urbanautica is an independent journal about visual anthropology and cultural landscapes that came from humble beginnings, and has now a spread in 4 continents and thousands of followers.

Thanks a lot, Steve Bisson.

Viernes Santo

Semana Santa - San Cristóbal de La Laguna, 2016 (Oliver Weber / Polaris).

Ceremony of the funeral of god's son Jesus. With the arrival of spring comes Easter week. It has centuries of history behind it and is one of Spain's most authentic and emotive celebrations. The streets of the vast majority of Spain's cities, towns and villages become the stage for religious fervour and devotion, combining grief and meditation in memory of Christ's death. The Holy Week in the historical and University City in Tenerife, La Laguna, is especially famous in the Canary Islands. The most important days are Easter Thursday and Friday (Viernes Santo). The Semana Santa already belongs to the cultural world heritage by UNESCO. (Oliver Weber / Polaris).


Almost alongside Mr. Donald Trump

Easter Procession in a Spanish Village. (Oliver Weber / Polaris)

The documentary “Viernes Santo” is available for purchase via Polaris Images, Ny.

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Dodho Magazine

I am excited and feel very honered to see my ongoing project "Legally Invisible" published on Dodho Magazine.

Dodho Magazine - based in Barcelona, Spain - features the best of contemporary photography, bringing together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe.

Dodho Magazine